Cadastral Zoning

We have developed the first softwares that comes to mind in surveying together.

Cadastral Zoning

Netcad has pioneered to cadastral zoning works carried out by using information technologies.

The most important factor enabled us to become the first software that comes to mind in surveying today, is the fact that we have developed our software  together with our users with respect to the needs of them. Today, more than 90% of the works carried out within the scope of cadastral map and zoning in Turkey are realized with the cadastral zoning solutions of Netcad. These solutions, which have produced a significant part of e-government data infrastructure, are used abroad and adapted to the legislation of the countries in which they are used. Netcad cadastral zoning solutions take land registry and cadastre data online from MEGSIS (Spatial Real Estate Information System) and TAKBIS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) WMS and WFS services, and in places where this service is not provided, they read directly and collectively from the data provided by the relevant cadastre directorates and convert them into input for project designing processes. Changes in the deed title can also be updated instantly at any stage of the project.

City Maps, Zoning Applications, Parceling and Distribution

Almost all of the existing city maps and cadastral zoning projects in Turkey have been produced by Netcad cadastral zoning solutions.

Netcad is compatible with many local and international map production and cadastre operations standards and legislations . Ready to use symbolgy, projection and project templates can easily be extended accoring to any country specific regulations.

Land Consolidation

Land Consolidation has an important identity within the Netcad chronology. Our land consolidation solution Nettop, which is the first product of Netcad, provides a solution for land governance processes such as land consolidation and special parcellation, distribution problems in accordance with the legislation. It meets all project requirements from start to finish, from interview stage to the suspension charts of land consolidation processes.


Our expropriation solutions ensure that all stages of expropriation projects for roads, canals, dams, ponds and energy transmission lines are carried out in accordance with the expropriation regulations implemented in our country. Expropriation projects are carried out in full compliance with the standards of the institutions that perform expropriation activities and the laws and regulations applied in this context with Netcad expropriation solutions.