Data Generation and Land Modelling

Together, we produced a planet of data.

Data generation and land modelling

You can produce your data quickly, easily and cost-effectively in accordance with the standards using Netcad.

Data production is the most time consuming and mostcostly stage in project processes. Netcad simplifies and accelerates data production processes with alternative methods, thus saving you a lot of timeand money. The integrated desktop, web and mobile product architecture offered by Netcad enables integration of data into information systems at the moment they are collected from the field and produced in projects, thus ensuring continuity.

Field Data Collection

Data collected through alternative methods from the field are easily transferred to projects. Transfer of spatial and verbal datacollected through terrestrial measurements and mobile devices, GPS, totalstation, Lidar technologies during field work to projects via Netcad softwareis accomplished in a few easy steps. Netcad supports international data formats and reads 100+ vector and raster data formats, so it works in compliance with all your devices used for data collection in field studies.

Data Production

When digitizing with Netcad, you do not have to deal separately to define the geometry, color, symbology, attribute, etc. of the data; you can easily perform your data production tasks at once, according toall defined features. The customized digitization tools are ready to perform avariety of tasks. If you want, you can customize your digitization tools asuser-defined, and use them in your projects. Netcad Product Architecture also offers automated digitization tools; you can perform automatic vector data generation using raster data, satellite imagery and tabular data in various properties. Thanks to the advanced GIS capabilities of Netcad that support international standards, spatial and verbal data are produced simultaneously. CAD data can be instantly converted to GIS, and can be dynamically managed in any environment thanks to the built-in desktop web and mobile architecture.

Land Modeling

Netcad is all you need to create, edit and analyze digital terrain models of your project areas, to create contour lines, and to perform all kinds of altitude-based operations and analysis. You can create your land models with every detail, and mount raster data on them and model them in 3D by using data in almost any format that includes altitude information. You can easily create cross sections, dynamic profiles, and calculate any volume without the need for any additional processing on land models.