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Netcad engineering solutions are specialized to solve engineering details with minimum cost and maximum profit.

It has emerged as a result of the needs of our institutions, user experiences, the synergy of experts and academic advisors, and it has been developed integrated with 30 years of experience. Each of the misfully compliant with the laws and regulations prescribed in their field. Each one supports national and international engineering standards. Many of the infrastructure, road, canal, dam, excavation, open pit and underground mining projects in our country have been projected with Netcad engineering solutions and have become a part of our lives. The data generated with Netcad engineering solutions also enables uninterrupted information systems to be created automatically during the project designing phase.

Road, Canal, Dam
Project Planning

With Netcad engineering solution architecture, you can perform all phases of construction and design projects such as highways, city passes, railways, airports, ports, dams, pavement, road renovations, tunnels, intersections, underpass designs and excavation works in accordance with the legislation. The most essential requirement for road projects is the applicability of national and international standards at every stage of the project process. You can design road projects that meet all the requirements of Highway Geometric Standards' while creating horizontal and vertical designs of your road projects dynamically in AASHTO standards. You can perform your platform designs, soil volume, Brueckner calculations and volume works according to there quirements of the corporate standards, and you can model your resulting projects in 3D. You can also make the necessary vertical markings for traffic projects. Projects in different formats created using different software technologies can be transferred from other software to Netcad and from Netcad to other software at any stage. In this way, the engineers who do the projectand construction work can also speak the same language in the projects.

Earth Sciences Project Design

Netcad offers an integrated solution architecture that meets all the project requirements for earth sciences. You can realize your underground production and gallery design projects, determination of mining license areas, creation of production maps, evaluation of drilling data, 3D ore and geological modeling, block modeling, geostatistical estimation, open pit design, pit optimization, explosion design and environmental impact assessment with all stages in accordance with international mining project standards. Netcad earth sciences solutions are also applied in the mining engineering departments of universities at the national level within the scope of legislation courses and are preferred globally thanks to its integrated solutions, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Feasibility and Appropriate Location Selection

Netcad solution architecture provides engineers with analysis tools that are used in feasibility, risk and location selection analysis in engineering projects such as road, tunnel, junction, canal, dam,mine, geology projects , etc. You can create the most appropriate alternative routes between two points, feasibility maps and reports according to the set criteria by comparing the unit cost of each. You can perform sensitivity, hazard and risk analyses for the project site and measure the accuracy of these results according to different scientific methods. For example, you can create landslides, basin, flood, earthquake risk maps, topographic and geological suitability analyses and technical reports on a possible road project route;you can also perform multiple risk analyses related to the project area by evaluating these analyses together within the same model. You can automatically resize the waterways that interrupt the road route and the engineering structures suitable for maximum flow rate at these points.

Wastewater Project Design

Netcad provides solutions for the design and analysis of sewage networks through all possible hydraulic methods. You can create an unlimited number of project elements, and with dynamic digitization, editing features and project control capabilities, you can produce projects that are fully compliant with legislation. Wastewater and stormwater projects can be designed in GIS structure according to country standards and different hydraulic calculations used for 'Water Sewerage Administrations', and in this way,up-to-date data for infrastructure information systems is produced inaccordance with the appropriate standards during the project production phase. Project alternatives can be compared with each other according to the criteriaset; In this way, projects with minimum cost can be realized with the most appropriate design. Projects produced with other sewer software can be transferred to Netcad environment at any stage with hydraulic values.

Drinking Water Project Design

You can easily design any kind of drinking water project from small-scale transmission line solutions to complex networks for large areas with Netcad. The gravity flow/pumping transmission lines andopen/closed network systems are designed in full compliance with country standards, 'Water Sewerage Administrations' and 'Special ProvincialAdministrations' and related legislation. Drinking water projects, such as wastewater projects, are produced in GIS structure and constitute the inputsfor infrastructure information systems. All hydraulic calculations are performed automatically according to the characteristics of transmission line and network. You can easily create your drinking water projects thanks to smart digitization tools, hydraulic and geometric control functions, ready and user-defined pipe libraries, dynamic project management and Hardy Cross solutioncapabilities. You can also perform basin, precipitation and flood analysis and use them as inputs for drinking water and wastewater projects.