For Developers


For developers

Do you want to go beyond the standard capabilities of Netcad products or do you want to develop your own product, but don't want to start from scratch? This page is just for you!

With Netcad's APIs and SDKs for developers, you don't have to deal with many standard works. You write 75% less code using many ready-to-use blocks, such as user interfaces, authorization, data access layers, verbal and geographic queries, analysis capabilities. For developers who do not write code, we also have workflows and low-code platforms. Our constantly renewed documentation is just a click away.


Desktop API Products

Using the Netcad API, you can write your own functions or modules in any programming language. Let Netcad perform the standard work for you, while you focus on your main goal. Explore our sample macros.

You can protect your macros with a password, and make them work only for the users you allow. Peek into our API.


You can turn the process steps you repeat frequently into a workflow, and share the work model and rules you create with others. Inaddition, you can add the workflow you create as a button to the Netcad ribbon menu. The Mimar (architect) provides you with interfaces, where you can create a workflow by linking inputs and operators without the need to write code.

Learn about sample workflows and Mimar (architect).

Corporate Products

Web or mobile application developers can take advantage of a wide range of capabilities offered by Netigma and Netgis Server.  We are looking forward to seeing you in Netcad Developers Network for API documents, sample projects and detailed information.