Local administration solutions

Netcad software is used in 1397 municipalities in Turkey.

Local administration solutions

Our local management solution architecture KEOS meets all your e-municipality requirements with secure, integrated data generation and management.

Netcad provides solution architecture for local governments, working on desktop, web and mobile environments, integrated with each other. Netcad technologies are fully integrated with other software systems (MIS, EBYS, subscription, archive, etc.) and e-government services used within the scope of urban information systems. While fully meeting all the needs from the president to the citizen, the confidence of Netcad technologies being used in all municipalities in our country is the guarantee of your investments.


For Presidents and Managers

Monitor all the processes within the scope of KBS (Urban Information System) in municipalities in mobile and web environments instantly.

Plan Management

Easily track and manage changes on all scale development plans on the web.

Numbering Management

Monitor changes in your area of responsibility, and share them with the citizens instantly with geographic address data integration.

Real Estate and Property Management

Manage property, cadastral,zoning, usage, legal etc. data together with their geographical relations,related to the real estates and facilities of your institution.

Solutions Open to Citizens

Access up to date services for citizens on the web.

Urban Asset Management

Manage information on all urban assets in your area of responsibility in desktop, web and mobile environments, integrated with field work.

Infrastructure Information System

Manage all infrastructure network components and location data of plants and subscription information in an integrated structure with our KBS(Urban Information System) projects.

Mobile Solutions

Manage your urban information system projects in mobile environment, and ensure the continuity ofyour project through online and offline instant data entries from the field.

Local Administrations with Figures

  • In all 1397 municipalities
  • In 40 Water and Sewerage Administrations
  • 70% ofthe established KBS (Urban Information System) projects
  • 4TB daily data processing

What Do We Offer for Local Governments?

e-Devlet (e-Government) Integration

Thanks to e-Government integration, you can manage your urban information system project in full compliance with "Deed and Cadastre", "Spatial Address Registration" and "Identity Sharing" systems.

Integration with Other Systems

You can use the urban Information System, Management Information System(MIS), subscription, archive,etc. components of your projects together in an integrated structure with Netcad technologies.

Manage Your KBS (Urban Information System) Projects by Yourself

You can manage the data production and management processes of your projects in desktop, web and mobile environments safely by yourself within the organization.

Metropolitan, District Municipalities and SKİ Data Sharing

We provide solutions to all of the data sharing needs among local administration units. For example, numbering entered in the district or the infrastructure project information entered in the SKİ is instantly integrated into the Metropolitan Municipality information systems.

Continuous Project Support

We provide uninterrupted project technical support to keep the urban information systems, which are developed specifically for the needs of each municipality, up-to-date and continuous.

Develop Your Own Applications

You can make improvements without coding for any additional requirements that may arise in your urban information system projects, and in this way, you can lower your costs.