We have planned our living spaces together.


Almost all of the zoning plans of Turkey have been produced with Netcad. We are ready to apply our modules and know-how with other regions.

Netcad planning solution architecture performs the three basic stages of planning, 'Analysis', 'Synthesis' and 'Planning' processes, in an integrated structure. It is specially effective in the integrated architectural planning processes. The data of city maps, cadastral plans, digital land models and the main pillars of plan design produced by different disciplines belongs to Netcad. Plan outputs also become inputs for post-planning, zoning applications, infrastructure, drinking and waste water projects and again, they are projected with Netcad.

Zoning Plan

Netcad offers all necessary design tools to its users for 'Application Development Plans', 'Master Plans', 'Environmental Layout Plans' and 'Regional Plans' of all sizes. The plans are produced in accordance with international standards. The essential part of the planning process such as cross-scale compliance checks of plans and sufficiency of urban character tables for functions and reporting are carried out. In this way, a sustainable and correct approach is ensured for each stage of the planning process.

Appropriate Location Selection and Multilayer Decision Support Systems

The basis of planning work at any scale is the selection of places suitable for the analysis and functions, which must done beforehand. Topographic, hydro-topographic, hydrological and environmental analyses required for the planning site, sensitivity, hazard and risk maps, and demographic, spatial analysis of economic results can be created. The appropriate location selection for the plan functions is determined as a result of the evaluation of the analysis together. In this way, by making the best possible spatial decisions for the city, the areas with the highest quality of life , away from risk zones, are determined in economic, demographic and environmental terms and they become input for zoning plans.

Zoning Plan
Status & Documents

You can prepare documents in desired templates by using spatial and verbal data in the projects regarding zoning and all sizes of plans. In this way, documents and reports such as zoning status, address determination form, plot summary report, application sketch, building attribute determination form, geological suitability for settlement, obstacle form and address determination record can be created automatically on projects. Data on web services can also be reported. For example, the values from the 'Deed Web Services' and 'MIS Services' can also be included in the documents.

3D Plan Simulation

While Netcad models the plans in 3D, it also simulates the new urban pattern that will be created when the designed plans are applied to the land; while the plans are still in the design stage, you can see the application result in advance. In this way, you can create optimized plans with correct planning and implementation cost with minimum excavation.


The integrated Netcad solution architecture enables networks to be dynamically created using the zoning plans that constitute the basic input of infrastructure projects. The outputs of the land model and zoning plan data used as the base of infrastructure project can be used in the same environment as the input for drinking water, waste water and storm waterprojects. Data coming from construction, road, elevation, settlement plans,etc.  form the basic design of appropriate infrastructure projects at the planning stage.