University Support Policy

Netcad develops softwares for the laboratories of Mining, Civil, Geology, City and Region Planning, Forest, Agriculture, Biosystem, Geophysics, Landscaping and Environmental engineering departments as well as vocational high schools all over Turkey. In addition, Netcad provides technical support for the academicians when needed.

netcadcampus Certificated Project Trainings

Each year, approximately 3000 university students and academicians graduated from netcadcampus certificated trainings. Within this extent, netcadcampus includes certificated training programs of project design processes intended to all sectors and occupational groups.

Trainings are performed using similar project processes and occupational datas set seperately for each sector.

A large part of the costs of netcadcampus training programs organized in universities for students are financed by Netcad.

Academic Collaboration Projects

In the scope of netcadcampus programs, many Research & Development projects are performed in collaboration with academicians in national and foreign countries.

In R&D projects, Netcad collaborates with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), European Union and Development Agency. Please contact us for requests of your projects.

License Support for University Laboratories

Netcad’s softwares are well developed for educating students in universities. All updated Netcad softwares could be used in laboratories of universities by configuring static IP over central hosts. Universities can take benefit from the support of Netcad by delivering a formal letter to the ‘Netcad Technical Services and Education Department’, requesting for free software support.

Netcad has great discounts for universities using the software for scientific researches. Universities, requesting Netcad softwares to use in scientific projects, contact us or prepare a formal letter and send it to “Netcad Technical Services and Education Department”.

Netcad softwares are also provided for the individual academic studies of precious academicians and are technically supported throughout the studies.

Graduate and Doctoral Thesis Supports

In case of Netcad software usage for under graduate, graduate and doctoral thesis, technical and software support will be provided to the academicians and authors responsible throughout the period.