Netcad’s System for Administration of Fixed Assets is composed of land registrations, proprietorship data, cadastre and easement plans, lease information and the decision texts of defendant properties as integrated with geographical data. This system enables the individuals to update, publish, query and report the mentioned data as dependent on the limits of authority.

As well as the features mentioned, Netcad’s System for Administration of Fixed Assets is supported by GIS (Geographical Information System) to ensure the processes of corresponding, decision making, confirmation, archive and getting data needed for determination, registration and taken in inventory of immovable properties.

System fundamentally provides solutions mentioned below;

  • Gathering of all the features related to fixed assets like measurements, photographs, videos, sketches, plans, layouts and verbal information acquired from aerial displays, satellite images and printed layouts in a host or distributed system. (Netcad GIS, Netcad Rasvek, Netmap, Netgis Server, Netigma)
  • Editiing different types of data, projections and datum as intended. (Netcad GIS)
  • Integrated archive of the data by using the techniques of Geographical Archive System, rapid access to geographical data through various queries and enable various analysis. (Netcad GIS, Netgis Server, Netigma, Analist)
  • Tracking and controlling geographical documents sorted by date  (Time Traveler)