More than 90% of the works carried out are accomplished by Netcad in Turkey under cadastral solutions. These solutions are adaptable to the legislations of the country in which they are used abroad.

'Netmap' is used for zoning applications, preparation and development of projects and cadastre s, coordinate calculations and all the necessary graphic calculations among these topics. Based on the principles of the 3194 Zoning Law; parcel merging, seperating, type changing, abandoning road etc., which are subjects of registration established on roads and all necessary processes can be performed easily compatible with TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System).

The module 'Nettop' is used for editing shaped plot of land consolidation, special parcelization and solving the distribution problems in accordance with the legislations.

Expropriation projects are solved with the 'Netkamu' module with Netcad which allows you to apply in accordance with the expropriation regulations. Expropriations are carried out for the whole project for roads, canals, dams, reservoirs and power lines (EPL) for all stages of the project..

Netcad cadastral solutions uses online land registry and cadastre data from WMS and WFS services of MEGSIS and TAKBIS; datas are directly and collectively read from data provided by the relevant Directorates of Cadastre at places where the services are not provided. Cadastral projects are effectively produced with instant updates for changes taking place from the beginning to the end of the project.

Outcomes of cadastral solutions form the basic entries of planning and engineering processes. Almost 100% of the development plans constructed on the cadastre are solved with the outputs of the cadastral solutions using the 'Planet'  module.

Cadastre modules provide updated data for cadastral spatial databases which work synchorized together. Both central database advantages and desktop solutions can be used with this flexibility. Netcad desktop solutions and web solutions 'Netgis Server', 'Netigma' and 'MobilGIS' are integrated to each other. 'Land Registry and Cadastre Information System', 'Expropriation Information System' and 'Consolidation Information System' projects are produced simultaneously and by this way 'Geographic Information Systems' become sustainable.