The design of engineering structures of complex geometric calculations involves many complex issues which needs to be decided such as points of differentiations.

Standard designs, drawings and calculations are solved with the Netcad Engineering Solutions. Also, providing great convenience to the designer and helping businesses start correctly from the very beginning, contains specific decision support features in the right engineering decisions that lead to minimum cost.

For example, the determination of the appropriate design field for a road project, finding the most suitable alternative routes according to the specified field in the required criteria, automatically defining the most suitable designed level vertically using the existing levels  in the project, and able to be perform iterative many complex engineering processes with the Netcad solution architecture;

  • 'Appropriate field analysis in determining the feasibility stage' using the 'Analist’ module.
  • Comparing the required number of alternative routes taken into consideration and choosing the most convenient horizontal route using the  'Corridor Analysis' module.
  • Defining the most suitable design level automatically for the horizontal route chosen by minimizing the cut/fill process using the Netpro / Automatic Design Level Tool.

Effective engineering solutions helps cost-effective projects using Netcad.

Necessary reference files are obtained with the Netcad solutions; digital terrain models and as-built maps are processed with 'Netsurf', expropriation plans in the project area are realized with 'Netkamu'. All kinds of  excavation / fill design works are planned with the 'Excanet' module (for example, the store and borrow structures occuring in bruckner) . The produced results  are transferred to the GIS with the suitable structure without any additional editing.