• Storage and management of all the necessary data for pre and post disaster periods in a single center. (Netcad GIS, Netgis Server, Netigma, Time Traveler)
  • Detection of survivors and management of all the processes planned for victims. (Netigma)
  • Accomplishing geographical survey processes and the determining disaster areas. (Netsurf, Analist, Nethydro)
  • Installation of National Disaster Archive System for accomplishing processes of statistical queries and sharing documents, brochures, instant informations and images. (Netgis Server CAS)
  • Developing all the necessary applications for querying, analyzing, reporting and mapping for Disaster Information System. (Netcad GIS, Netgis Server, Netigma)

Success Stories

disaster management netcad abis

Disaster Management System

Disaster Information System Project (ABIS) is developed for performing all the processes of the disasters eventuated or probable to be within the scope of Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency... Read More

Other Success Stories