With the extent of Geography and Environmental Engineering;

  • Suitable location selection for urban and rural functions,
  • Susceptibility, hazard and risk mapping,
  • Necessary analysis and maps for EIA reports,
  • Optimal location selection analysis for solid waste storage and excavation plans of these facilities,
  • All kinds of topographic, hydrotopographic, environmental analysis and analyzing the suitability of spatial location selection based on previous analysis
  • Catchment area planning and hydrological analysis
  • Wastewater, rainwater / drainage, water supply projects,
  • Analysis for protecting natural resources,

With the extent of Forest Engineering and Landscape Architecture;

  • ‘Fully compatible with 'Forest Law No. 5531 of the 'Forest Rehabilitation Projects’
  • Planning of forestry applications and forest road network
  • All stages of forest management project
  • Herbal index calculations, with the help of satellite images and aerial photographs can be made for forestry using remote sensing and GIS analysis.
  • Landscape and urban design projects are produced in two and three dimensions with full compliance to the  Zoning Law No. 3194.

The unique solution of Netcad for environment, forestry, landscape and geographical analysis is the 'Analist' module

The 'Analist' module is used for applying basic and advanced surface analysis, raster (image) analysis, basic and advanced spatial analysis. The accuracy of the analysis results are measured and carried out by different scientific methods.

'Netsurf' is the Netcad module performing base mapping with all its phases, generating digital land models from land data, making volume calculations and various analysis operations.

'Excanet' helps designing and calculating all kinds of excavation and fillings fully compatible with the regulations.

The module 'Nethydro' is used for finding catchment areas of the flow basin depending on the basin analysis performed.

'Netcad/3D+' visually displays all projects in three dimensions.