Netcad can generate and reach results for economic first derivative analysis providing technological solutions that produce results by modeling combinations of spatial and non-spatial topographic data at any scale, hydrotopographical, environmental and demographic feasibility and siting of projects.

Netcad can also measure the accuracy of the results using the 'Analist' module according to different scientific methods such as sensitivity, deterministic, stochastic and statistical risk analysis  for all kinds of projects. 

For example, users can create risk maps using the topographical and geological suitability analysis for project areas such as landslides, floods and earthquakes; continued in performing multiple risks and feasibility for evaluating the analysis together in the same model of the project.

Using the 'Corridor Analysis', the software chooses the optimal route between two points depending on the parameters and creates feasibility reports using maps. The software also defines alternative routes and not only calculates but also compares the unit costs for the alternative routes.