4 main product has been developed on the basis of NETGIS technology.


Software developers are aiming for the NETGIS Platform. Many applications developed within the company have been developed on the NETGIS, facilitating sofware developers many opportunities.

Developer Environment

Visual Studio is the essential developer environment. Integrated environment for faster and simpler jobs are available.

Multi Layered

Possibility of developing in any environment such as the web, desktop, GLONET and mobile . Environments share some layers. In this way, codes can be used both in desktop and web applications.

Developed Api

A variety of data structures has been developed hundreds of objects.

SOA Architecture

Developing and integrating with different platforms is easier with SOA.

VTYS Independence

Write once and use in many places.


Software developers can easily integrate operators to existing skills. This allows easier and faster development and much more integrated operations for the final product. Integrated operations simplifies tasks such as trainings.

Custom Objects

Possible to improve the behaviour of certain objects using Custom Objects . In this way, it is possible to improve properties such as coordinates of a point in showing the weather with a nice scale bar.


An ideal tool for developing web based minimum code of complex applications and provides API for developers.


Software developers can reach technical support using the Netcad Portal


OGC is one of the rare products which has made significant progress on the compatibility in the world . Netcad GIS has 4 certificates of "e-Transformation Turkey, Directory of Interoperability Principles".

WMS Web Map Service
WFS Web Feature Service
WCS Web Coverage Service
CAT Catalog Service
SFS Simple Features for SQL

Users can share raster data and metadata using these documents without any compatibility problems with maps and vector datas. Interoperability is one of the most important criteria for us.

Netcad has got beyond the OGC in Interoperability and developed sharing solutions by accessing from different platforms. With these solutions, NETGIS Server is poised to become the central data server for all GIS softwares and ArcGIS desktop products.

SOA - Service Oriented Architecture

Netcad GIS technologies are based on 'SOA' (Service Oriented Architecture). All geographical and linguistic information can be shared via SOAP services. Services could be provided for internal or external users besides the OGC services. Examples of successful interoperability platforms has been possible with the "Municipal Interoperability". Developers can implement their own SOAP services. Solutions such as BELNET implement which has been developed over Netcad GIS and Netigma. Thanks to these services, data security and infrastructure companies can share Belnet address and other data  with other institutions and organizations. SOA is one of the most important technologies in order to talk in different platforms and languages (such as Windows and Linux,  Java and .NET). Netcad GIS is accessible from anywhere.

Database Management System Independence

Netcad GIS stores geographical and attribute information in the Database Management System. Solutions are independent from DBMS. This means that you can use same abilities via Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostGIS. The work performed and other constraints will lead you to using specific DBMS. The moment your data changes, without losing any data or ability; you can switch to another DBMS without any additional license costs. You will start saving money from now on by using DBMS in means of data volume and traffic for accessing data you expect for 5 years. Plus, you don't have to pay additional costs for 5 years of DBMS usage. Some DBMS's don't have the geographical ability ( Microsoft SQL Server 2003 for example). In this case, the absence is completed by Netcad GIS and provides significant cost advantages in some cases.

Netcad GIS products will behave the same way with all supported DBSM's. Absent functions are completed by Netcad. DBSM's are independent in developed softwares. Software developers are allowed to use DBMS independence and all other abilities.


Geographical Talented


Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL Server 2003

Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Microsoft SQL Server Express

Oracle 8.x

Oracle 9.x

Oracle 9.x Spatial


Oracle 10.x

Oracle 10.x Spatial





Netcad products are supported with the versioning feature. Users can observe previous versions to learn which requests are easily met, what has changed. Versioning is provided without any performance loss. Netcad also provides 'Conflict Management'. Two different user wanting to change the same data at the same time is a conflict situation. In this case users will decide which data will be considered as the approved data.

Disconnect Editing

Netcad has the talent 'Disconnected Editing'. Editing data in extreme conditions is possible such as; using mobile devices, when there is no network access or if editing the original data is risky. Data can be locked and editors can prevent other users edit the data. Netcad GIS  provides multiple users regulate same data with the conflict management feature.