The 'Nethydro' module helps determining all necessary hyrological parameters, catchment areas and the flow of arms that create this area.  The project can determine the boundaries of the flood in the field according to the different hydrological methods determined by the flood flow calculation for the projection year .

  • Two and three-dimensional hydrological analyzes are carried out by performing different scientific methods using digital terrain models derived from the height,
  • The analyzes are carried out together with advanced analytical methods in hydrology scenarios and are evaluated by creating hydrology maps.
  • Main and sub-basins are found with the basin analysis, flow arms are formed of the basin and hydrologic calculations and flood flows are  estimated and analyzed,

'Netpro Waste Water', 'Netcad Water' are the modules used for solutions of infrastructures and irrigations. Hydrological analysis are used as inputs and produce alternative project solutions based on different hydrological methods.

Spatial hydrotopographical analysis are performed with the 'Analist' module.  

All hydrological designs are processed and transferred to three-dimensions  with 'Netcad/3D+'.