The information systems of unique identified individual/corporate, land registry cadaster, address and planning underlie the National Geographical Database.

The important data such as taxation base, land charges, purchase and sale activities of immovable properties could be kept up to date in the Information System of Immovable Property.

The first solutions created by Netcad were for mapping, cadaster, land consolidation and expropriation when founded in 1989. These effective solutions have been widely used ever since. In Turkey, almost all of the directorates of land registry and cadastre are the solution partner of Netcad.

Through this experience acquired in Turkey, Netcad began to produce solutions for abroad too. In 2012, Netcad won the tender of Azerbaijan Land Cadastre Information System coordinated by World Bank. Project will be put into operation in 2015.  

Netcad Cadastre Solutions could be collected under the titles of data production, applications, presentation (visualization), sharing, processing and managing.