Mining Engineering within the extent of the appropriate standard of mining law;

  • Underground and surface mining applications, licenses and production plans / projects,
  • Production panel and reserve volume calculation ,
  • Open pit design,
  • Underground coal and metal mining modeling,
  • Pit optimization,
  • All projects within the company design and production planning,
  • All mining projects in remote sensing and Geographic Information System construction for mining projects are carried out with the Netcad solutions.

Within the extent of Geology and Hydrogeology Engineering;

  • Geology, hydrogeology, tectonics, earthquake / seismic, plans of all scales for determining slope stability, mineral projects and maps,
  • Geologically determined, suitability maps and reports,
  • Geological solid models and block modeling design processes,
  • All spatial analysis for engineering geology,
  • Susceptibility, hazard and risk maps,
  • All projects in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing and geological structures for the detection of minerals can be done with Netcad geoscience solutions. INSPIRE / Geology theme was also carried out by Netcad.

Netcad solution architecture contains 'Netcad GIS  ', 'Netpro Mine  ', 'NetSurf',  'Analist', 'Nethydro’’ and 'Netcad/3D+' modules for solutions located in earth sciences. 'Netpro' is also used for advanced designs of  galleries and mining roads. 

'Netpro Mine', is an earth sciences solution capable of performing all phases of open-cast and underground mining operations together and also managing geological project design processes. Underground/overground ore modeling project  processes from the beginning to the end with the ability to perform all phases of technology offering a unique solution to the mining and geology sector.