Urban Automation System (KEOS) meets the needs of e-government through data production and management

Urban Automation System Solutions enable the processes of gathering all the data assets based on address system, updating and sharing of them in a multi-users platform as well as querying dynamically living data to meet the needs of e-government. The system ensures all these tasks through desktop and 360 reinforced web solutions.

KEOS provides quick, right, confidential and up to date data to the citizens and integrates the municipalities to the process. As capable of reporting, this system can be integrated with Spatial Address Registry System, National Address Database, Identity Information Sharing System and land cadastre integration under the name of e-government. Urban Automation System is the preference of many municipalities all over Turkey in the scope of City Information System.

Through its responsive structure, KEOS makes possible to settle other modular solutions at the intended time.

Safe geographic data management through desktop engineering solutions

KEOS presents a management system integrated with updating tools for the documents prepared within the corporate. Geographic Data Management System tools enable the management of documents, orthophoto, data control, cadastre, zoning plan, plan variation and document tracking in a reliable way.

Superior Netcad Abilities in Desktop Database:

  • Online Support for Mapping
  • WMS Cadastre Base Map Support through MEGSIS Integration
  • Accessing Land Registrations through Integration
  • Digitization of the data via 360 degree panoramic image

Mapping and planning legislations are basis to basic drawing tools

Basic drawing tools are organized at the basis of Larger Scaled Map Construction Legislation and Zoning Law. Netcad’s up to date solutions always provide rapid solutions to the users. Netcad’s Desktop Planning Solution; Planet has been updated with appropriate line type and symbology according to Spatial Planning Law revised in 2014.

Pocket KEOS solutions…

Netcad’s mobile solutions run in Windows Mobile, IOS and Android based devices. That devices have increased in number by the investments of GSM operators in 3G infrastructure. With GPS feature provided by these devices, users can reach all the information about the location they stand.

  • Gathering all the Information of Business
  • Surveyings
  • Numerator Updating
  • Social Aid Surveyings
  • Technical Works Applications
  • City Police Area Map Applications
  • Building Control Applications
  • Parks and Gardens Application
  • Disaster Information System

These applications are the examples of mobile applications.

Compact solutions for administrators…

All the actions of City Information System developed within KEOS are summarized as combined with Document Management Information System (MIS) and Digital Archive System data for the whole levels of administrators. The reports are composed of tables, maps, and graphics. Additionally they can simply be shaped according to administrators demands. Reports are automatically forwarded to the e-mail addresses and also compare the data with the previous report to ensure computation.

Citizen based applications

Citizen based applications enable the municipalities to serve the citizens independent of physically places. Through this method, municipalities can ensure the citizen satisfactory and save personnel, technical tools, devices and excess visits.