The main stages of the planning processes, 'Analysis' and 'Synthesis', are used for the process of all geographic, demographic and economic analysis on the structure of geographic information systems using 'Netcad GIS'; topographic, hydrotopographic appropriate site selection analysis for environmental analysis and functions using 'Analist'; detailed hydrological analysis are performed with 'NetHYDRO'.

City plans of all sizes are fully compatible with Spatial Plans Construction Regulations (2014) with all phases of the 'Planet' module. Application Development, Regulatory Development, Territorial and Regional Plans not only perform the work consistent with the legislation, also checks the scale compliance of these plans, the city characteristics for the functions of the table should be in the planning process, such as adequacy of controls and reporting at every stage of the planning process, providing sustainable and correct planning architecture. 100% of the plans that have been made so far in Turkey are produced by the 'Planet' module, which is also indispensable for Urban and Regional Planning and is an effective technology.

Netcad terrain and cadastral solution outputs the input of the planning solution, which constitute the input of engineering solutions; through this integrated structure Netcad land, land planning and engineering solutions create perfect harmony together. This makes the interoperability of the projects possible by producing different disciplines structuraly  perfectly integrated.

Planning inputs of 'Urban Information and Automation Systems' projects and other projects produced in Netcad are produced in the planning phase. Urban Information Systems running on Netcad 'KEOS' corporate life and find sustainable planning, working with 'Netgis Server' and 'Netigma'  .