The systems of CAD (Computer Aided Design), COGO (Coordinate Geometry), MIS (Management Information) and GIS (Geographic Information System) are integrated and could be used in Netcad platform.

Integrated usage of CAD projects, MIS and GIS data produced by local government departments, private sector and central administration bodies is critical. Working with Netcad enables users saving time and money. Additionally, this platform prevents unnecessary data transfer and loss.

Netcad has developed effective solutions for applications and management of integrated processes.

Spatial data based projects are composed of integrated main components such as storing and forming data, designing projects, managing archive data and effective location surveys.

Netcad takes place in every platform within the extent of National Geographical Information Systems.

Spatial data is very important for authorities as in searching, planning and applying processes. GIS is a system which consists all the necessary datas, softwares, hardware, methods and the experts components for storing, analyzing and querying the spatial data. GIS establishes contribution to MIS by its ability to analyze and query the spatial data.

Spatial data are generally produced by local government departments in many countries and configured by central administrations in GIS platform.

Additionally, spatial data is integrated with the systems of Identity Information Sharing, Land Registry Information and Spatial Address Infrastructure.

Netcad solutions are widely used both in producing data by local administrations and in managing these datas by central administrations.