Watershed, Rainfall and Flood Management

NETHYDRO is the Netcad module that allows determining catchment areas and the flow arms in areas based on D8 flow model. Triangular model or digital elevation model is sufficient as input ... Read More

Future of Application Development

NETIGMA is an integrated structure with advanced query and reporting tools that enables viewing spatial reflection of the query results... Read More

Let’s Understand Our World

ANALIST is the Netcad application in which basic and advanced surface analyses, raster (image) analyses, basic and advanced spatial analyses can be performed... Read More

For All Kinds of Excavation/Filling Plans; ExcaNet

Excanet is the Netcad module developed to design and calculate all kinds of excavation and fillings considering all possible ... Read More

Success Stories

Turkey is Well Prepared for the Dısasters with Netcad Disaster Information System

Disaster Information System Project (ABIS) is developed for performing all the processes of the disasters eventuated or probable to be within the scope of Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency... Read More