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Watershed, Rainfall and Flood Management

NETHYDRO is the Netcad module that allows determining catchment areas and the flow arms in areas based on D8 flow model. Triangular model or digital elevation model is sufficient as input ... Read More

Future of Application Development

Netigma is a web based software platform that enables to develop software without coding knowledge. Because the design, development, maintenance and support processes ... Read More

Let’s Understand Our World

ANALIST is the Netcad application in which basic and advanced surface analyses, raster (image) analyses, basic and advanced spatial analyses can be performed. GIS, CAD, RS analyses ... Read More

Excavation/Filling Plans

'Excanet' is the Netcad module developed to design and calculate all kinds of excavation and fillings considering all possible scales and extents for constructing sites, parking lots, ... Read More

Ore Modelling and Mining

NETPRO MINE is an earth sciences solution capable of performing all phases of open-cast and underground mining operations together and also managing geological project design ... Read More

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Farm Oriented Open Data in Europe - Foodie

The agriculture sector is a unique sector due to its strategic importance for both European citizens (consumers) and economy (regional and global) which, ideally, should make the ... Read More